About The Allstart BOOST! Portable Battery Charger Car Starter

The new all start boost pack is revolutionising the jump start market.

This power pack is small enough to fit in your pocket but with its 1000 peak amps can match many more bulky packs on the market.

We have personally witnessed this pack start a Citroen Berlingo van which had not moved for three months, and on turning the key it didn't even turn the dash lights on but after connecting the Allstart Boost the Berlingo fired up on its very first turn of the engine!

The All Start Car and Van Battery Boost Pack will jump start a car which has a small amount of charge in the battery up to 20 times on one single charge which is simply done by connecting it to the mains with its USB charger.

It comes with a 12volt charger so is ideal for breakdowns and putting in your glove box. It will also hold it's charge when not used for up to six months so no going to use it and finding out that it is flat.

With its leads for Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy & Blackberry and other popular phones, it is ideal for that weekend camping or at a festival where no power is available and will charge your phone up to six times in a row.

It does REALLY work so why not try it out for yourself, available for order and next day deliver from AW Automotive Tools, buy visiting the All Start Boost product page.

Date Published: 2015-01-29