SP Tools UK Launch

We are pleased to add the brand of SP TOOLS to our website. These Australian tools are the market leader in there own country and we hope will become the in this country in time.

Why not give these quality tools a try?

A good place to start would be with a set of quad drive spanners these spanners have an ingenius design where the spanner grips the nut or bolt on four flats rather than the standard three giving extra purchase and also gripping tighter than a standard spanner. They are also available separately and come with a lifetime warranty.

Also selling well is the motorsport 72 tooth ratchet this ratchet is very fine toothed and makes the tightest nut easily accessible it also has a much smaller head then a standard ratchet enabling it to get into smaller spaces,we are constantly adding more of this exciting range to our website.


Date Published: 2015-06-04