Mechanics Stud & Bolt Extractor Advice and Tools

Fed up of trying to get out stubborn nuts and bolts and either rounding them off or worse still, snapping them off?

AW Automotive have a range of stud and screw extractors to help you out of that tricky spot!

If your nuts or bolts are rounded off, then why not try from Irwin their famous bolt grips (Part Code: IRBG) or the Expansion kit (Part Code: IRBGE).

These bolt grips fit either onto a 3/8 ratchet or a spanner, and with the fluted design you simply tighten the grip onto the rounded off bolt head and the cut into the metal, then.... turn the switch on your ratchet, undo the installation and it brings the bolt out brilliantly every time.

If you want to install studs also, you can use the S46925 - 4 Piece Stud Extractor Set from Signet Tools for removal and installation of 6,8,10 and 12mm studs.

Popular in the range is the T631200 - Screw Twister Set spline extractor sets, and as these extractors are only small, there is less likelihood of them snapping. They are also much stronger than the longer set on the market this set ranges from 3-14mm and 1/8 up to 1/2 and can save you time when trying to remove awkward studs.

Another option is the T632300 - Impact Stud Extractor from Trident Tools, which is a drill chuck type design which is adjustable from 6-13mm and is useful where there is more access to get onto the stud and can be tightened with a spanner or a ratchet.

If you have any automotive or hand tool requirements for your garage, workshop or home use, dont hesitate to get in contact with AW Automotive either by phone or email.

Date Published: 2015-06-23